Automotive keys – More than meets the eye

automotive locksmithWhat type of keys do you have? If you don’t know the answer, don’t worry about it. At the end of the day, we sort of take for granted that our keys are always going to be there for us. We don’t really think about how they work. We just use the key, assume it’s going to work, and leave the matter at that. That is, however, until our keys don’t work anymore.

Types Of Automotive Keys:

Your car keys are essentially your link to your vehicle. Considering how important your car is to you, it makes sense to want to learn more about the different types of car keys that are available to you:

• Transponder keys: These are perhaps the most common types of keys you can find these days. While there are numerous variations to transponder keys, the main component is that all of them feature microchips that have been coded and imbedded in plastic bodies. The code in the microchip is designed to detect the keys, when you place the keys in ignition. If the microchip becomes damaged or misplaced in any way, the car is not going to start.
• Remote controls: One thing to remember is that your remote control is not the same as your transponder key. Virtually all cars released today include a remote control. Your remote control sends a signal that allows you to lock your car, unlock the car, or open the trunk.
• Rolling codes: Slightly different from the transponder key, both of those products use codes. However, with rolling codes, the code is going to be different each time you use it.
• Master keys: Although these have become a little dated, you can still find them in use. Not meant for normal usage, they are largely designed to give a locksmith the ability to program replacements with relative ease.

These are the types of keys that you will find out in the world. It doesn’t hurt by any means to learn more about your car keys, particularly in terms of knowing why they may not be working. This way if you ever need new keys or need to hire a locksmith company you will know what to ask for.

We hope that you have found this blog post about automotive keys useful. Would you like more informational articles about the locksmith industry? Great, we have more articles on here on our locksmith blog.

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